Thursday, 8 January 2009

Apply now to become an online project manager with

Are you proactive? Results-minded? A team player? If your answer is yes, consider applying to become a NABUUR project manager (known on NABUUR as a facilitator) for one of our many online projects.

A little bit about the role:

In this unique and rewarding volunteer role, you will:

-Expand your project management skills.
-Build up a network with like-minded people from around the world.
-Get international and multi-cultural experience.
-Have a direct impact on an entire community.
-Add an official recommendation to your resume/CV.

If you like to organize projects, work with diverse people, and mobilise volunteers to produce results, you could make a great Facilitator. A Facilitator is a host, moderator and project manager. They welcome new Neighbours, makes sure the Village website is up to date and defines the project and its priorities, together with the Local Representative.

And a little bit about what we're looking for in the ideal candidate:

- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Culturally sensitive; travel experience is an asset but not required.
- Experience with online project management is preferred (though not a requirement).
- Fluent in English.
- Available for a minimum period of 6 months, and able to be online at least 4-6 hours per week.

Sounds like a volunteering opportunity you'd like to tackle? Send your resume (nothing fancy; a summary of your work/academic/volunteering experience will do) to with the subject line: 'facilitator application.'

We'll be in touch with you to follow up on your application and discuss the online training. If you'd like to speak to an experienced facilitator first to get an idea of what the role entails, let us know and we'll gladly arrange that for you.

Hope to hear from you!


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Anni said...

Hi !Good Morning to All !
This is Anil, from India, as a member since last year, interested to accept this invitation.
And sure, i will do my best, for this group.