Thursday, 19 June 2008

And we enter the blogosphere...

Since the beginning of the development of the NABUUR 2.0 website, Neighbours have been assisting and interacting with the developers. With the developers working overtime, the Beta version (meaning all functionalities are ready-set-go) is almost there. To communicate all the goings-on, we felt a standard newsletter wouldn’t quite do the trick. We wanted to engage you in a more interactive manner, so we thought; if everyone else is blogging, why can’t we?

Think of this blog as your source for all things related for the NABUUR improved site, which will go live within a few days. Gerdie and Siegfried will also contribute to the blog; so you can rest assured that you won't be scratching your head with too much techie-speak.

Look around the blog; you'll see some new goodies, chances for you to actively participate; and regular updates on the countdown to the NABUUR Beta site, which by the way, we think will make you (really) smile!

And please don't leave us talking to ourselves; do contribute - we always look forward to reading what you have to say. We'll keep the blog going after the website launch and hope it will become a fun way to communicate from our screen to yours.

More coming soon...Stay tuned (and don't forget to subscribe to our feed so you can stay on top of all things NABUUR related).

Romina :)


Anonymous said...

yu have delayed to make this S and R NB will be making people fail to achive

Romina said...

"yu have delayed to make this S and R NB will be making people fail to achive"

Hi Anonymous,

If you can clarify what you mean by your comment, I'll be happy to reply to it.