Monday, 23 June 2008

A true team effort

Development of a website is not something which is done by a few people in the NABUUR office. Especially not the NABUUR website, which is a result of the input of many Neighbour discussions already in the summer of 2007. I think it's very special to see the commitment of people all over the world, dedicating their valuable time volunteering for the website. This makes NABUUR a special place to work, having so many committed ''colleagues''.

Feedback team
The last weeks a group of Neighbours, have provided very valuable feedback during the development of the new Beta site. Under the guidance of Raul Alberto Caceres (facilitator and temporary NABUUR staff member from March-June) the feedback team was asked many questions on the functionalities of the (demo) website and for testing functionalities. Big thanks to Elsa Lama, Lynley Mackay, Carolyn DV, Barb Briggs, Jennifer Wells, Rahul Bhargava, Mary Smith and Tanja Simiatchieva. See their faces in the FlickR badge besides.

Volunteer developer

A Drupal volunteer also joined the NABUUR office to assist with the ''theming'' of the new site: Gert-Jan Idema. We would love to have a small interview with him, but he cannot be disturbed today because he is busy with the migration of all the data from the current database to the new site. Don't worry, the developers made a back-up. But this is an exciting process taking place behind the screens these days. More to follow tomorrow!


(PS we need you for the testing of the site, to check if all the data is there and on the right place, to test new registration, log-in procedures etc etc. Feel like spending a few hours the next 2 weeks? Send me an e-mail:

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