Thursday, 18 December 2008

Webmaster wanted for

You may have come across the amazing website put together by volunteers to raise awareness for the Kabondo Orphan Care Project.

Now this website is in urgent need of a webmaster: a dedicated and thorough volunteer who can write content and update the website as needed. If this sounds like you, read on for a message from Barb Briggs, facilitator of the Kabondo project, outlining the full description of the voluntary duties you'd be undertaking.

Webmaster Needed!
In order to attract potential donors, increase awareness and promote Kabondo, and allow for 'online' donation a website was developed at

We have webhosting for 2 years but now require a webmaster.

Duties include:

- Writing content for the website
- Posting updates at least monthly, but preferably every week
- Posting photos, videos and other links
- Maintaining a list of registered users that sign up on the site
- Developing new pages as the site grows
- Minimum 6 month commitment

Expertise or skills required:
- Experience in working with Joomla
- Experience writing
- Strong English writing skills
- Excellent internet skills
- Ability to add photos, videos and other resources to the site
- Experience in updating a website
- Able to maintain a spreadsheet

If interested, do let them know! Leave a message on the Kabondo discussion board here.

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