Sunday, 9 November 2008

How your Vote can help school children in Nepal

Now here's a great way to start the week off...Take a minute or two and vote on for a NABUUR project aimed at providing winter clothes to school children in Nepal.

Angelika, facilitator for Yoshinkel, tells us more below.

"Your vote on goes out to both the women of Yoshinkhel and the children of Gamauli today :) the two Nabuur villages have entered into a partnership to provide the needy children of Gamauli with winter clothes.

Our neighbour Jennifer has posted information about our proposed project and partnership to In order for the project to "go live" and fundraising to begin, we need to first secure 100 votes. I am asking that all of our volunteers here please visit the site and cast your vote.

Click here to go to the project:

Please get your friends to vote as well! Voting closes December 8th. The sooner we can get to 100 votes the better.

And if you do feel that this is a worthwhile cooperation, please do consider funding as well: You can buy a set of clothes for a child for EUR 5 / USD 6 already, ensuring that that child can attend school over winter! And of course the women and children in Yoshinkhel benefit too, as the women are paid for their work on the products."


There, easy as it looks. A couple of minutes to register an account on GiveMeaning and a quick click of the Vote button. Please pass this on to your friends and acquaintances before the deadline.

I voted - Have you?

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