Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Stephen Lewis Foundation Visits Kabondo

NABUUR woke up today to some heartening news from the project in Kabondo, Kenya.

Here's Eric Ochanji, local representative of Kabondo, to share with you the exciting news.

"Dr. Lucy Steinitz visited Kabondo on 1st and 2nd November to carry out an assesment visit for possible funding on behalf of the Stephen Leiws Foundation. Dr. Steinitz is co-founder of Catholic AIDS Action in Namibia and co-founder and chairperson of the board of CAFO; The Church Alliance for Orphans. She also works with Family Health International.

It is the policy of The Stephen Lewis Foundation to send a representative to any project they are actively considering for funding. We were privileged to host her to meet the board, asses the management and financial systems in place and also visit the beneficiaries of the project. The visit took 2 days and a report will be forwaded to SLF to help them make a final decision.

Dr. Lucy visited children supported by the project and a widow who is struggling with a small business that earns her less than a dollar a day (KShs 50) to feed her four children and help her provide the basic necessities. Though she is semi literate, Dr. Lucy was inspired and moved by Mrs Benter Owino's courage and strategic plan and donated KShs 5,000 of her own monwy to help her expand her business capacity to be able to make at least KShs 300 a day.

We thank Lucy for helping Kabondo Poverty Alleviation Organization(KPAO) reach out to one widow who has shown the way that hard work and determination can help the poor make great strides away from dependence."
Local Representative of Kabondo

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