Thursday, 20 November 2008

There's always a story to tell at NABUUR - Why not be the person telling it?

If you're a journalist, a writer, or someone with an interest or talent for storytelling, you're in luck as today we present you with a new and exciting volunteering opportunity.

There is always something cooking in NABUUR Villages. When you're participating in the Villages as a Neighbour and are right smack in the middle of the action, your volunteer time is better filled with researching solutions for the project, making contact with organisations, working on the assigned tasks, etc. All these efforts may not leave much time for other things, but there are Neighbours who may wish to take on a reporting role and write stories about the developments taking place in the Villages.

This is the reason why NABUUR is looking for volunteer storytellers. Each storyteller will get 20 Villages to monitor (check the news, stay on top of the results, get an update from the Facilitator and the Local Representative) and will write updates about the developments in this Village.

As storyteller, you will to act as the Village reporter and create stories (within a given format most of the time). If you like to keep a blog or post your stories outside NABUUR you are more than welcome as well.

If you can spend 5 hours a week, whenever it suits you, for the next 6 months, join us in the storytelling group where you'll find all you need to know on getting started as a NABUUR storyteller.

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