Thursday, 17 July 2008

Counting down to NABUUR Beta

The closer we get to the launch date of NABUUR Beta, the more techie-speak is heard around the office. Even during lunch hour where the topic today was theming of the blocks and panels...Or something to that effect, though admittedly, I just smiled and nodded throughout the conversation. But here's what you should know - and relax; it's in plain English!

~ The first translation pages are up. Thanks to the quick work of our volunteer language translators, we have the first translated pages ready and they have been added to the website.

~ The Village chat room has been tested and it's working perfectly, so you'll be able to chat with Facilitators, Local Reps and Neighbours about the project, in real time - as before!

~ Theming continues on its path, bigger and better every day.

~ A set of user test questions will be tackled by a few of our volunteer Facilitators to make sure functionalities are working as expected.

~ New Village projects are being added, with the project definition starting next week.

Eagerly counting down, and we hope you are too.
More coming up very soon!


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