Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The new NABUUR site is now live!

Dear all,

Have you visited NABUUR.com yet? If so, you'll have noticed we are now live with the new site - and we're beyond ecstatic to have it up and running! So help us celebrate by browsing or logging in to the new site, and checking out what's new. As always, any feedback is welcome. You can post your comments here or send them to us at info@nabuur.com

And last, but not least, I hereby copy a message from NABUUR's CEO, Siegfried Woldhek, that was sent out to all our users.

See you online!

"Dear Neighbours,

With much joy I announce today that the new and improved website is live! Over the past months you have seen it take shape via the demo site. Neighbours from all over the world not only supplied recommendations or feedback, but also contributed text, translations, theming and coding online. One of them even filled a sudden mid-project vacancy. The new Nabuur platform has been completely built by drawing on the Nabuur global neighbour network! It has been a massive effort and on behalf of myself and the rest of the team, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your dedication to help improve the NABUUR platform for the benefit of local communities worldwide. The energy behind this effort has been tremendous and gratifying. The result is a site that I believe represents a significant leap forward in improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of the NABUUR model

Some important changes aren’t visible to the naked eye. Changes were made to the processes, too. Local Communities e.g now help each other prepare the projects before they appear on the site. The role of the NABUUR staff has shifted from “waiter” to “host.”

The previous NABUUR website proved the concept can work, and now it’s time to ensure that many more Local Communities and Neighbours can use it effectively. That is what the new site will do. Because the possibilities of the internet keep changing rapidly, the NABUUR Beta has been designed so that it can be improved and changed very easily. In fact, a list of additions for the coming weeks and months is already being put together and will be up in the new Nabuur.com development group shortly. Jointly we’ll thus create an ever more effective platform. So keep in mind that the improved site you see now is just the beginning.

Let me give you a few examples of some new things that you’ll be able to do and experience with NABUUR Beta:

- Notification of new posts in your village. You’ll have a choice of receiving this notification in your email accounts or in your private message inbox. (You can choose which by adjusting the settings in your profile.)

- Village chat room is back! Here you’ll be able to chat with fellow Neighbours who are online in your village. It will be a lot easier to discuss the project in this way.

- There will be the chance to tag (label) the resources and documents you post, which will make it easier to share these resources across the whole website and in your own village.

- Via the ‘groups’ you can now organize yourself with your colleagues and Neighbours in any way you see fit; around themes, expertise, neighbour meetups, etc.

As I already mentioned above, this will be put up in the new Nabuur.com development group shortly so that we can jointly continue to improve and adapt the platform.
If you like what you see, then please share it with your friends and families. This has been made a lot easier as at the bottom of each page there’s a ‘share this’ set of bookmarks for other sites such as Digg, Facebook, del.icio.us, etc. By clicking on one or more of these, you can help spread the new site to many new users.

On behalf of the team in Amersfoort I want to thank you once again and I look forward to working with you more on the new NABUUR Beta.

Warm regards,

Siegfried Woldhek
Founder / ceo"

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Marc said...

Hi guys/girls,
Congratulations with the new site!
Must have been lots of work... I think making it more web 2.0 surely will help!
Marc van Opstal