Monday, 14 July 2008

Your Monday dose of NABUUR news

Hey everyone,

Why is it that the weekend always goes by so fast?!? At least we had some sun over the weekend (after a week of rain and chills) so no complaints on my part. :)

Monday started with our customary meeting, where a few things were addressed. Here's a quick recap.

- The last bits of migration are being done. There were some hiccups with images but they have been recovered now. Of course, the migration will be tested so a testing plan is being devised to make sure nothing slips past us.

- Rolf and Frans are pouring their time into the theming of the village pages. In some cases the theming can't be done before the content is there, so the content is being filled in as quickly as possible, then - you guessed it - the theming can get fully underway.

- All processes are being tested to make sure everyone accessing finds it an easy to nagivate ride. Processes from registration to creating a task in a Village, and everything else that falls in between, will be tested out.

If you're like us, you're looking forward to know when NABUUR Beta will see the light. Fingers and toes crossed, the site will be launched within the next two weeks. As mentioned before, this will be a soft launch, meaning that functionalities will continue to be added after the launch date.

In the meantime, tons more things are happening. A NABUUR wide newsletter will be sent out by tomorrow so happy reading!

Ciao for now,


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