Tuesday, 22 July 2008

People often ask us what this migration business is all about...

Over the past few weeks you've been hearing a lot about migration of data on NABUUR.com. It's perfectly understandable if this technical concept is difficult to grasp, so we asked Pelle Aardema, project manager at NABUUR, to have a go at explaining what this migration business is all about - in plain English. Ever the 'think-outside-the-box' type, Pelle compared the migration of data (basically all content - pictures, documents, links, etc.) from the old website to the new website, to moving into a new house.

While reading, picture the old house being the old NABUUR.com website, with each room representing one of the 152 Villages currently online...

"The old house is quite big, it has 152 rooms, and all the rooms are full of boxes. Some of the rooms contain over 10.000 boxes. Some of these boxes contain pictures or important documents. Of course we've had to decide in what room the boxes will be moved into the new house. But in order to make sure all the pictures and documents aren't lost, we're going through all the boxes to see if there are pictures or documents in them, and make sure they are brought to the new house first, before all the boxes are moved in. In order to keep track of the context of the pictures, a link is put on the boxes that show the new location of the picture."

There you have it, migration explained a la Pelle. So only a few more days to go, and the move will be all but complete. Then comes the house party, which will take place when the programmers hit the 'live' button on the new website - and you're all invited!


(Pelle at his desk, seeing the world through migration colored glasses.)

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