Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Running the Mumbai Marathon to raise funds for a school in India

Creativity and resourcefulness are two qualities that can aptly describe NABUUR volunteers - Jegan, local representative for the community of Koliyonkulam in India, is a perfect example of these attributes being used to the max when it comes to finding solutions for the projects.

To address the lack of education for children in the village, an evening school has been set up where children are taught English and other subjects, helping them prepare for a better future.

The HELP (Human Education and Liberation for the Poor) school runs on minimum resources and seeks donations or partners that will allow it to improve its services.

When registration for the Mumbai marathon came up, Jegan immediately saw an opportunity and signed up...

"Jegan is showing his commitment to the evening school and his genuine intent to help the children through HELP evening school! He is running in the Mumbai marathon (on January 18, 2009), Asia's biggest charity event for NGOs. He is participating in the Half-Marathon. He is pledging funds and he has created a website to promote his effort. Here is a great opportunity to sponsor the evening school."
Tanja (online volunteer in Koliyonkulam)

We invite you to check out the website for more information and to make a pledge to help the school. (All pledges will be overseen by the United Way Mumbai.)

Best of luck Jegan - We know you'll make everyone proud!

Students at the HELP School in Koliyonkulam

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