Monday, 6 October 2008

The Floor is Yours

Here's hoping you're all starting off Monday on the right foot.

So far this blog has been about presenting you with amazing projects and volunteers, as well as updates from the NABUUR organization. Meaning we have been doing all the talking. Experience has taught us everyone always has something to contribute, so we'd like to switch things up a bit, and invite you to join the conversation as well in a couple of ways.

Many of you are existing NABUUR users, others are brand new to the organization. NABUUR can be a challenging concept to understand from the get-go, so I'm inviting you to ask questions, make comments, debate, discuss. The idea is to get a dialogue going, and get you involved in more than just reading these blog posts.

If you feel your question hasn't been answered by the FAQ or About NABUUR pages on our website, please post them as replies to this post - Or if you prefer, send them to with the subject title 'blog.'

Once we've gathered a few questions we'll post the replies here and hopefully get more of you commenting - other than just yours truly. :)

Alternatively, you can join the Social Actions blog where Gerdie is currently hosting a question on how best to engage volunteers. And the replies are starting to come in already...

Hope to chat with you soon!


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