Thursday, 9 October 2008

Transport for mosquito nets arranged during Dutch Innovation Seminar

In a live demonstration of 'how NABUUR works' Siegfried Woldhek (Founder of NABUUR) and Paul Bulenzi (Local Representative of Jinja-Central) asked the audience if they could assist in arranging transport for mosquito nets from the US to Uganda.

A while ago, Facilitator Barb Briggs organised a donation of 2 boxes of nusquito nets from a company called Mosquito Curtains. The only thing left to arrange was transport to Kampala.

In today's audience there was a person who knew someone, who knew someone, which friend etc etc, owns a company in Uganda and gets transports in regularly from the US. She was called and the transport was arranged right away!

More details will follow for sure, but for now this was a great result and De Baak offered a good stage for NABUUR to show to companies what NABUUR is and how their emplyees can participate.

Here are some pics of the event!

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