Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Putting Ideas into Action in Kabwe, Zambia

Josephat Mwale, local representative of Kabwe, a small town in Zambia, is thinking and dreaming big. As youth worker in Kabwe, Josephat knows too well the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on his hometown, particularly the damage inflicted on the youth of the community who are at highest risk of infection. This grim reality is what is driving Josephat to put ideas into action, focusing on education and awareness as key components in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Community members in Kabwe

The YMCA in Kabwe is planning to build a Counseling, Testing and Care Centre (CTC), focused on youth and their needs, which will aim to prevent HIV infections, and provide educational resources and treatment for those already infected. Even the local government is getting in on the act by supporting the building of the CTC and saying they will allocate land for the centre to be built. That sounds like a deal that can't be passed up!

Members of Kabwe YMCA

As with any ambitious project, a well-thought out project plan is lurking not far behind. The village of Kabwe has a project plan on the go, thanks to the extensive research and work done by the online neighbours – but they need a few more expert eyes to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Lynley MacKay
, volunteer online project manager for Kabwe, explains the needs of the project:

"Kabwe needs an excellent project proposal, and some creative ideas and actions! Ideas are needed for possible seed funding, self generating funding ideas and other options to secure funding and support for the centre.

Once a project proposal has been produced, it can be utilized to apply to potential funding bodies for funding, and information from the project proposal can be used for funding submissions, media releases and marketing ideas."

Sounds doable, right? What better way to help Josephat and members of the community achieve their dreams than by spending a couple of hours helping out - online, from the comfort of your own home?! If we've peaked your interest, please join the project proposal task discussion here.

And if project proposals aren't your cup of tea, there's many other ways to get involved. Just pick a task and go for it!

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