Thursday, 16 October 2008

Many roads lead to Rome/different styles of development cooperation

(An update from Gerdie Schreuders on the exciting happenings at the Dutch Innovation Seminar last week)

During the Dutch Innovation Seminar, organised by de Baak last week, we had a chance to present The audience: 150 innovation managers from companies and NGO's from the Netherlands, eager to learn about open innovation.
I would like to share what happened during the presentation of Siegfried Woldhek. (founder and CEO of

Paul Bulenzi (Local Representative for Jinja-Central in Uganda)and Siegfried Woldhek brought NABUUR ''live''.

Paul Bulenzi, Local Representative of Jinja-Central

Through Skype, Paul Bulenzi raised a question about the shipment of two large boxes with mosquito nets, donated by Mosquito Curtains from the US to Uganda. The audience came up with a number of possible solutions by sharing their ideas live and real time.

The solutions they came up with were so much representing the expression: many roads lead to Rome that I would like to share them with you... this is not about what's best, but what's possible!

1. My wife is a flight attendant for an airline, I can ask her to bring them
2. I know an airline who has a program for transporting goods for non-profits
3. You should tell and teach Paul to help himself
4. Use social networks to raise this question
5. I can post a message in a community for people travelling a lot
6. I have a friend and his girlfriend works for a US company in Uganda, maybe they can arrange shipment
7. Why don't we all raise a little bit of money and just pay for shipment by T&T?

For me the solutions mentioned represent different ways of thinking about development collaboration. Funny to see!

As a tip I would like to share with you another .com organisation who was on stage at the Dutch Innovation Seminar: SellaBand has been regarded as a driving force behind the Music Revolution. It challenges the traditional music industry and encourages aspiring artists and music lovers to go into business together. SellaBand aims to level the playing field of the global music industry

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