Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Just a few more sleeps until the Dutch Innovation Seminar!

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The coming days we'll be busy preparing for the Dutch Innovation Seminar. Siegfried Woldhek (founder of NABUUR) will be keynote speaker on October 9, together with Paul Bulenzi, local representative for the Village of Jinja-Central in Uganda on NABUUR.com.

Siegfried will demonstrate in a live presentation the principle of NABUUR: neighbourly help. How people from all over the world. not knowing one another, can come up with new solutions by sharing their ideas, knowledge and contacts. The question to solve will be raised by Paul Bulenzi who is coordinating a project for orphans and desabled people. The audience will try to find an answer in 20 minutes, quite exciting!

The seminar is an initiative of De Baak. De Baak is the place for leaders, business people and professionals to come in search of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and insight. Dutch Innovation Seminar is a yearly event, with Heineken and Apple playing host roles in previous years.

If you speak or read Dutch and you want to participate or join the discussions about Innovation online please take a look here.

Stay tuned after Thursday as we'll share with you what the audience came up with!

That's all for now. Enjoy your day, everyone!

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