Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Nairobi Eastlands Support Centre earns NGO status!

Nairobi Eastlands is one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya, and is notorious for its youth culture and urban youth music scene. However, the area is also well known for its many health related problems, including high rates of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

Nairobi Eastlands

To combat the health problems affecting the community, the Nairobi Eastlands Support Centre (NESC) was set up with the aim of providing affordable primary health care services, including health education and rehabilitation programs for substance abuse. In the hopes of finding ways to improve the centre's services, the community registered their project on NABUUR.

HIV/AIDS workshop

The online project is supported by Australian project manager Lynley MacKay, with Daniel Macharia, a health counsellor based in Nairobi, acting as local representative for the community.

With help from online volunteers from all corners of the world, a website for NESC was built, outlining the mandate and project goals of the organization. The website also includes a gallery of traditional crafts the community is selling in order to raise funds for self-sustainability.

Lack of legal status is often an obstacle for many local organizations, but last week NESC was granted formal non-profit status, a major achievement for the health centre. Daniel shares with us the exciting news here, and includes a copy of the certificate given to NESC by the Non-Governmental Organizations Board in Kenya.

Now that NESC is officially recognized as a legal non-profit organization, the community has many plans it wishes to tackle, including raising funds for the centre to become self-sustainable, and registering NESC with the United Nations (UN).

If you feel you can help with this project (and you can because no specific experience is needed - just your knowledge, contacts, resources, and lots of good ideas!) please click here to visit the Nairobi Eastlands project pages and join the online discussion.

We hope to see you as part of the team soon!

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